Sunday, April 12, 2009

Game Genie codes for Gameboy (S--T)

Samaurai Shodown(tm) Game
1 FA2-46D-4C1 Infitnite time
2 3EF-80E-D57 + 1EF-81E-08F Start timer at 30 secs.
3 3EF-80E-D57 + 2EF-81E-08F Start timer at 46 secs.
4 3EF-80E-D57 + 3EF-81E-08F Start timer at 62 secs.
5 3EF-80E-D57 + 4EF-81E-08F Start timer at 78 secs.
6 3EF-80E-D57 + 5EF-81E-08F Start timer at 94 secs.
7 3EF-80E-D57 + 6EF-81E-08F Start timer at 110 secs.
8 3EF-80E-D57 + 7EF-81E-08F Start timer at 126 secs.
9 3EF-80E-D57 + 8EF-81E-08F Start timer at 142 secs.
10 3EF-80E-D57 + 9EF-81E-08F Start timer at 158 secs.
11 11F-86E-3B6 Both players start with 1/3 energy
12 21F-86E-3B6 Both players start with 2/3 energy
13 FFF-86E-3B6 Both players start with more energy
14 3EB-60D-7F1 Computer takes all damage--even when you get hit
15 3E8-9A9-2AA + 008-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Genan Shiranui
16 3E8-9A9-2AA + 018-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Galford
17 3E8-9A9-2AA + 028-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Haohmaru
18 3E8-9A9-2AA + 038-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Ukyo Tachibana
19 3E8-9A9-2AA + 048-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Charlotte
20 3E8-9A9-2AA + 058-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Tam Tam
21 3E8-9A9-2AA + 068-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Earthquake
22 3E8-9A9 2AA + 078-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Nakoruru
23 3E8-9A9-2AA + 088-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Wan Fan
24 3E8-9A9-2AA + 098-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Jubei Yagyo
25 3E8-9A9-2AA + 0A8-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Hanzo Hattori
26 3E8-9A9-2AA + 0B8-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Kyoshiro Senryo
Samurai Shodown and related names are trademarks of SNK

Sea Quest DSV(tm) Game

1 01B-2DD-F7A Start with 2 lives
2 04B-2DD-F7A Start with 5 lives
3 09B-2DD-F7A Start with 10 lives
4 0EB-2DD-F7A Start with 15 lives
5 03B-37D-E6A Start with super score
6 001-EB8-E6E Infinite lives
7 011-FCC-C42 Start with very little hull energy
8 051-FCC-C42 Start with 1/2 hull energy
9 071-FCC-C42 Start with 3/4 hull energy
10 AFE-04B-19E Lose most energy after first hit
11 00E-04B-19E Invincible
Sea Quest DSV is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

Serpent (tm) Game
Add codes 1 and 4 for a new type of game.
1 057-C9D-E6A Start with 5 missiles
2 087-C9D-E6A Start with 8 missiles
3 0F7-C9D-E6A Start with 15 missiles
4 00F-B0E-E69 Infinite missiles on pick-up
5 157-C6D-4CA Start with smaller tail
6 407-C6D-4CA Start with longer tail
Serpent is a trademark of Taxan USA Corporation.

The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk(tm) Game

1 00A-608-19E Infinite fire crackers
2 001-ADF-E66 Start with 1 life
3 041-ADF-E66 Start with 5 lives
4 091-ADF-E66 Start with 10 lives
5 002-83E-E6E Infinite lives
6 FA7-42C-4C1 Infinite energy
7 106-37E-917 Start with 1/4 energy
8 306-37E-917 Start with 1/2 energy
9 456-37E-917 Start with 3/4 energy
10 C97-2CC-E69 Invincible
The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Simpsons (tm): Bart Vs the Juggernauts (tm) Game
1 023-5B9-F76 Start on week 2
2 033-5B9-F76 Start on week 3
3 043-5B9-F76 See end sequence
4 008-A6F-3B7 Infinite time on all games
5 0A6-EB9-4C2 Always qualify with enough
Capt. Lance Murdock's Skateboard Bash & Crash (tm) Codes:
6 01E-A89-F76 Start with 1 life
7 02E-A89-F76 Start with 2 lives
8 FAF-829-4C1 Infinite lives
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Bop 'till You Drop (tm) Code:
9 FA8-F38-4C1 No hits against you
Herman's Military Minefield Mayhem (tm) Codes:
10 FAB-F28-4C1 Infinite hits
11 FA2-848-4C1 Infinite runs
Kwik-E-Mart Doggie Dodge (tm) Codes:
12 FA2-279-4C1 Infinite chances
13 03D-89A-916 Start with 3 lives
14 06D-89A-916 Start with 6 lives
15 09D-89A-916 Start with 9 lives
The Simpsons (tm): Bart Vs the Juggernauts, Capt. Lance Murdock's
Skateboard Bash & Crash, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Bop 'till
You Drop, Herman's Military Minefield Mayhem and Kwik-E-Mart
Doggie Dodge are trademarks of Twentieth Century Fox Film

The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy(tm) Game

1 009-0E9-E6E Always get a hole in one
2 00A-24D-E6E Infinite lives
3 000-7D9-CCE Start with 1 life
4 040-7D9-CCE Start with 5 lives
5 0E0-7D9-CCE Start with 15 lives
6 00A-24A-3BE Invincible after getting hit
7 00A-07A-C49 Invincible
The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Snoopy's Magic Show(tm) Game
1 3E7-3FD-4C1 + 027-40D-087 + 007-41D-E65 Start on level 2
2 3E7-3FD-4C1 + 057-40D-087 + 007-41D-E65 Start on level 5
3 3E7-3FD-4C1 + 097-40D-087 + 007-41D-E65 Start on level 9
4 108-49A-E6B Start with 22 sec.
5 3F8-49A-E6B Start with 63 sec.
6 648-49A-E6B Start with 100 sec.
Snoopy's Magic Show is a trademark of United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Solar Striker(tm) Game
1 00C-D6F-3BE Infinite lives
2 015-D0F-E62 Start with 2 lives
3 055-D0F-E62 Start with 6 lives
4 095-D0F-E62 Start with 10 lives
5 025-0AF-E6E Start on stage 2
6 035-0AF-E6E Start on stage 3
7 045-0AF-E6E Start on stage 4
8 055-0AF-E6E Start on stage 5
9 065-0AF-E6E Start on stage 6
10 3EF-65E-191 + 04F-66E-F7E When you pick up a power-up, go
straight to max power
11 3EF-65E-191 + 0BF-66E-F7E Bullets are mega-powerful,
almost invisible, when you pick up a power-up
12 006-45E-C41 No loss of power-ups on dying
13 00D-EEF-3BA Stay on same level
Solar Striker is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Spanky's Quest (tm) Game
1 00B-96D-E62 Start with 1 life
2 05B-96D-E62 Start with 6 lives
3 08B-96D-E62 Start with 9 lives
4 000-60E-19E Infinite lives
5 074-1ED-E6A Mega ball power-ups--hit it with your
head once for full power
*=Start only on tower 1; when you arrive at chosen stage, switch off
to go on to
next stage
6 3ED-68D-C45 + 04D-69D-3B6 *Start on tower 1, stage 5
7 3ED-68D-C45 + 09D-69D-3B6 *Start on tower 1, stage 10
8 3ED-68D-C45 + 0FD-69D-3B6 *Start on tower 1, last stage
Spanky's Quest is a trademark of Natsume Inc.

Speedball 2(tm) Game
1 99D-CDB-F7A Get lots of money
2 FAA-E4C-4C1 Infinite money
3 00E-D99-3BE No timer
4 00C-30F-08B Opponents can't score any points except from
bounced stones; when they score a goal it is an earned goal
regardless of what end they score at
Speedball 2 is a trademark of The Bitmap Brothers.

Speedy Gonzalez(tm) Game
1 00A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 1 life
2 06A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 7 lives
3 09A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 10 lives
*=After entering code, select password option on title screen, enter
4 500999 to begin on zone in code
5 024-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Forest Zone
6 034-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Desert Zone
7 044-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in County Zone
8 054-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Cheese Island Zone
FAC-A9B-4C1 Infinite lives
FA9-40B-4C1 Infinite time
9 00D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 1
10 06D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 7
11 09D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 10
12 05E-F6C-C4E Start with 1/2 time
13 07E-F6C-C4E Start with 3/4 time
Speedy Gonzalez is a trademark of Warner Bros.

Spider-Man 3(tm) Game
1 01E-3AD-B3A Need to shoot 1 enemy to clear level 1-1
2 723-ABD-195 Start 1st life with 1/2 energy
3 728-18E-195 Start lives after 1st with 1/2 energy
4 FA7-ECE-4C1 Infinite energy
5 FA8-25E-4C1 Infinite lives
6 FA7-6FB-4C1 Start 1st level with 1/2 time
7 FFE-2DD-B30 Start 1st level with 255 seconds on timer
Spider-Man 3 is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Spiderman 2(tm) Game
1 FA6-FBE-4C1 Infinite lives
2 00F-78E-E66 Start with 1 life
3 04F-78E-E66 Start with 5 lives
4 09F-78E-E66 Start with 10 lives
5 FA6-C4E-4C1 Infinite energy
6 01F-5BE-195 Start with 1 energy point
9 016-EEE-195 1 energy point after life lost
10 FAD-F6E-4C1 Infinite web power
*=1st life only
11 04F-73E-B3A *Start with 4 web points
12 05F-73E-B3A *Start with 5 web points
13 09F-73E-B3A *Start with 9 web points
Spiderman 2 is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Spot the Cool Adventure(tm) Game
1 045-76D-F7A Start with 4 lives
2 065-76D-F7A Start with 6 lives
3 095-76D-F7A Start with 9 lives
4 0F5-76D-F7A Start with 15 lives
5 255-80D-E6A Start with 25 bonus discs
6 505-80D-E6A Start with 59 bonus discs
7 FA9-0AC-4C1 Infinite energy (hearts)„except when you fall
off screen
8 052-F7B-F7E Start with 5 energy (easy level)
9 082-F7B-F7E Start with 8 energy (easy level)
10 082-F7B-F7E Start with 10 energy (easy level)
11 055-7BD-E66 Start with 5 energy (hard level)
12 085-7BD-E66 Start with 8 energy (hard level)
13 082-7BD-E66 Start with 10 energy (hard level)
Spot the Cool Adventure is a trademark of The Seven-Up Company.

Spud's Adventure(tm) Game
1 013-C8E-E62 Start with 2 life
2 053-C8E-E62 Start with 6 lives
3 093-C8E-E62 Start with 10 lives
4 002-67E-19E Infinite lives
5 007-5FE-5D4 Begin each new screen with a key„except 1st
6 3E1-D1E-2A9 + 011-D2E-915 1 EXP pt. for killing a bad guy
7 3E1-D1E-2A9 + 051-D2E-915 5 EXP pts. for killing a bad guy
8 3E1-D1E-2A9 + 091-D2E-915 9 EXP pts. for killing a bad guy
Spud's Adventure is a trademark of Atlus Software Inc.

Spy vs Spy(tm) Game
1 002-D2A-3BE Infinite timer
2 046-9EE-C42 Both spies start with 4 energy
3 066-9EE-C42 Both spies start with 6 energy
4 086-9EE-C42 Both spies start with 8 energy
5 04D-84B-C42 After death, start with 4 energy--white spy
6 08D-84B-B42 After death, start with full energy--white spy
7 005-14B-3BE No loss of energy during fight--both spies
8 005-03B-80A Other spy's punches do not affect your energy
9 FA0-5CA-4C1 Walking over floor flowers doesn't affect your
10 00A-76B-E62 Traps do not affect energy--white spy
Spy vs Spy is a trademark of E.C. Publications, Inc.

Square Deal(tm) Game
1 01D-A0E-F79 Infinite time on pause counter
2 1EC-83E-10A Timer starts at 30
3 00C-83E-10A No time on pause counter
4 0A4-D8D-F7E Select up to level 10 in level select
5 3E3-AFD-C4E + 013-B0D-193 Start with 1 replay
6 3E3-AFD-C4E + 033-B0D-193 Start with 3 replays
7 3E3-AFD-C4E + 093-B0D-193 Start with 9 replays
Square Deal is a trademark of Interactive Network Inc.

Star Hawk(tm) Game
1 FAA-2CF-4C1 Infinite lives
2 008-C0F-19E Inpenetrable shield
3 006-92F-F7D Infinite continues
4 FAF-15F-4C1 Keep power-ups when you die
5 081-C1F-E66 Start with 8 lives
6 0A1-C1F-E66 Start with 10 lives
7 0C1-C1F-E66 Start with 12 lives

Star Trek: The Next Generation(tm) Game
1 FA4-27D-4C1 Infinite shields
2 001-13D-3BA Damage isn't repaired
3 001-15D-6E7 Damage repaired immediately
4 19E-169-7FB Life support starts at 25%
5 32E-169-7FB Life support starts at 50%
6 4BE-169-7FB Life support starts at 75%
7 power
8 19E-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 25% power
9 32E-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 50% power
10 4BE-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 75% power
11 19E-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 25%
12 32E-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 50%
13 4BE-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 75%
14 19E-229-7FB Shields start at 25% power
15 32E-229-7FB Shields start at 50% power
16 4BE-229-7FB Shields start at 75% power
17 19E-269-7FB Phasers(tm) start at 25%
18 32E-269-7FB Phasers start at 50% power
19 4BE-269-7FB Phasers start at 75% power
20 19E-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes(tm) start at
25% power
21 32E-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 50%
22 4BE-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 75%
23 19E-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 25% power
24 32E-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 50% power
25 4BE-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 75% power
26 19E-329-7FB Transporter starts at 25%
27 32E-329-7FB Transporter starts at 50%
28 4BE-329-7FB Transporter starts at 75%
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Phasers and Photon Torpedoes are
trademarks of Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus(tm) Game
1 013-F78-7FB Start with very little phasers and shields
2 223-F78-7FB Start with 1/4 phasers and shields
3 3F3-F78-7FB Start with 1/2 phasers and shields
4 4F3-F78-7FB Start with 3/4 phasers and shields
5 182-56D-2AA Almost infinite phasers and shields
6 013-D48-805 Infinite attempts in sub game
Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus is a trademark of Absolute entertainment Inc.

Star Wars(tm) Game
1 C9B-5CC-3BE Infinite energy
2 00B-6AC-195 Infinite lives
3 04C-12C-C4A Start with 1/2 energy on all lives except 1st
4 013-B7F-E66 Start with 1 life
5 063-B7F-E66 Start with 6 lives
6 093-B7F-E66 Start with 9 lives
7 003-A2F-C42 No continues
8 143-A2F-C42 20 continues
9 FA2-F6E-4C1 Infinite continues
10 990-B7E-C4A More energy--1st life only
Star Wars is a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Stargate(tm) Game

1 008-22B-E6E Tile counter doesn't work
2 0E9-7DB-80E + 019-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile one
3 0E9-7DB-80E + 029-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile two
4 0E9-7DB-80E + 039-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile three
5 0E9-7DB-80E + 049-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile four
6 0E9-7DB-80E + 059-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile five
7 0E9-7DB-80E + 069-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile six
8 0E9-7DB-80E + 079-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile seven
9 0E9-7DB-80E + 089-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile eight
10 0E9-7DB-80E + 099-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile nine
11 0E9-7DB-80E + 0A9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile ten
12 0E9-7DB-80E + 0B9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile eleven
13 0E9-7DB-80E + 0C9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile twelve
14 0E9-7DB-80E + 0D9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always smart bomb tiles
15 0E9-7DB-80E + 0E9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always digger tiles
16 0E9-7DB-80E + 0F9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile wildcard tiles
17 C92-74D-C49 Tiles all look blank but aren't
Stargate is a trademark of Le Studio Canal+ (U.S.)

Street Fighter II(tm) Game
1 013-F89-2AB Player one starts with very little energy
2 1F3-F89-2AB Player one starts with 1/4 energy
3 3A3-F89-2AB Player one starts with 1/2 energy
4 523-F89-2AB Player one starts with 3/4 energy
5 FF3-F89-2AB Player one starts with more energy
6 013-FF9-2AB Player two starts with very little energy
7 1F3-FF9-2AB Player two starts with 1/4 energy
8 3A3-FF9-2AB Player two starts with 1/2 energy
9 523-FF9-2AB Player two starts with 3/4 energy
10 FF3-FF9-2AB Player two starts with more energy
11 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
12 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
13 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
14 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
15 093-85A-F72 Allows you to select a higher skill level
16 00B-938-E6D Opponent can't win any normal rounds
17 005-0B8-A2A Foot sweep doesn't do any damage
18 405-0B8-A2A Foot sweep does more damage
19 885-0B8-A2A Foot sweep kills
20 004-F78-A2A Crouch punch doesn't do any damage
21 404-F78-A2A Crouch punch does more damage
22 884-F78-A2A Crouch punch kills
23 004-A78-A2A Normal upper cut doesn't do any damage
24 404-A78-A2A Normal upper cut does more damage
25 884-A78-A2A Normal upper cut kills
26 004-CF8-A3A Straight punch doesn't do any damage
27 404-CF8-A3A Straight punch does more damage
28 884-CF8-A3A Straight punch kills
29 004-BB8-C42 Standong hack kick doesn't do any damage
30 404-BB8-C42 Standong hack kick does more damage
31 884-BB8-C42 Standong hack kick kills
32 005-B58-A22 Rolling throw doesn't do any damage
33 405-B58-A22 Rolling throw does more damage
34 885-B58-A22 Rolling throw kills
35 005-338-A2E Jumping straigh up and kicking doesn't do any damage
36 405-338-A2E Jumping straigh up and kicking does more damage
37 885-338-A2E Jumping straigh up and kicking kills
38 004-D98-C4A Standing short kick doesn't do any damage
39 404-D98-C4A Standing short kick does more damage
40 884-D98-C4A Standing short kick kills
41 005-838-B3E Fireball doesn't do any damage
42 405-838-B3E Fireball does more damage
43 885-838-B3E Fireball kills
44 009-249-3B7 Nobody takes damage from anything but throws/grabs
Street Fighter II is a trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd.

Sumo Fighter(tm) Game
1 02B-AFA-E66 Start with 2 energy bars
2 05B-AFA-E66 Start with 5 energy bars
3 08B-AFA-E66 Start with 8 energy bars
4 FAE-C8A-4C1 Infinite energy
*=Not on continue
5 012-0BF-E62 *Start with 2 lives
6 042-0BF-E62 *Start with 5 lives
7 072-0BF-E62 *Start with 8 lives
8 092-06F-F7E When screen comes up asking
easy or hard level, press
Down 3x and press "A". You
can now play super hard mode
right away (makes display look
Sumo Fighter is a trademark of DTMC Inc.

Super Battletank(tm) Game
1 05E-42D-2A2 Start with 5 shells
2 63E-42D-2A2 Start with 99 shells
3 05E-4DD-E6E Start with 5 laser shots
4 63E-4DD-E6E Start with 99 laser shots
5 05E-58D-E6E Start with 5 smoke shots
6 63E-58D-E6E Start with 99 smoke shots
7 05E-63D-B30 Start with 5 bullets
8 63E-63D-B30 Start with 99 bullets
9 15E-72D-195 Start with very little fuel
10 E0B-00C-2A9 Infinite damage
11 005-95C-3BE Infinite ammo
12 C9D-E1D-2A9 Infinite fuel
Super Battletank is a trademark of Absolute entertainment

Super Chase H.Q.(tm) Game
1 010-E5A-E66 + 019-08B-E66 Start with 1 turbo boost
2 020-E5A-E66 + 029-08B-E66 Start with 2 turbo boosts
3 050-E5A-E66 + 059-08B-E66 Start with 5 turbo boosts
4 090-E5A-E66 + 099-08B-E66 Start with 9 turbo boosts
5 007-67E-19E Infinite turbos
6 777-47E-081 Turbo boosts last half as long
7 157-47E-081 Turbo boosts are very short
8 007-14E-F79 Turbo boosts lasts as forever„switch off to fire a turbo boost then switch back on while turbo boost is going
9 006-78E-E6E Infinite time
10 F59-90B-2A1 Start with lots of points
Super Chase H.Q. is a trademark of Taito Corporation

Super Mario Land (tm) Game (2 More Codes)
1 00A-17B-C49 Always have power ball
2 008-60A-E6E Infinite time--switch off at end of
stage to go on
Super Mario Land is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins(tm) Game
1 023-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 2
2 053-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 5
3 00D-8DA-E6E Stop timer
4 02D-8DA-E6E Timer counts down by 2
5 002-41B-F7E Start new game with 1 life instead of 6
6 092-41B-F7E Start new game with 10 lives instead of 6
7 242-41B-F7E Start new game with 25 lives instead of 6
8 492-41B-F7E Start new game with 50 lives instead of 6
9 742-41B-F7E Start new game with 75 lives instead of 6
10 992-41B-F7E Start new game with 100 lives instead of 6
11 001-40C-E6E Infinite lives
12 024-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Bunny Mario(tm)
13 034-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario(tm)
14 FA1-B9C-4C1 Stay as Super Mario(tm) when hit
15 FA1-C8C-4C1 Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit
16 01D-92E-E6A + 019-2BA-E6A Each coin worth 101
17 009-22A-19A + 00D-89E-19A Each coin worth 0
18 004-BBC-19A Hearts (extra life) worth nothing
19 004-5F8-2AA Play 30 coin game of chance for free
20 004-288-A2B Play 50 coin game of chance for free
21 003-F28-E62 Play 200 coin game of chance for free
22 003-BB8-C4E + 003-BA8-80C Play 999 coin game of chance for free
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Bunny Mario, Fire Mario and Super Mario are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

Super Off-Road (tm) Game
1 02B-87F-E66 Start with 2 credits
2 04B-87F-E66 Start with 4 credits
3 08B-87F-E66 Start with 8 credits
4 FAD-A2B-4C1 Infinite money
5 003-3AD-3BE Infinite tires, nitros, etc. when you
buy them
Super Off-Road is a trademark of Tradewest, Inc.

Swamp Thing(tm) Game
1 205-5AF-E6B Start with half energy
2 105-55F-6EA Start with 1/2 environmental meter
3 FAF-CF9-4C1 Infinite environmental meter
4 FA3-8FF-4C1 Infinite lives
5 C92-85E-A28 Invincibility
Swamp Thing is a trademark of DC Comics Inc.

Sword of Hope (tm) Game
1 001-72B-F75 Infinite hit points
2 09A-BFD-F7E Start with 11 dexterity points
3 09A-C4D-F7E 12 stamina points
4 F04-A0C-6E9 Shaman is free
5 F0A-3CC-6E9 Forest shop is free
Sword of Hope is a trademark of Kemco.

T2 The Arcade Game(tm) Game
F0C-9DD-6E9 Infinite energy
023-46F-F7E Start with 2 lives
043-46F-F7E Start with 4 lives
083-46F-F7E Start with 8 lives
F0C-ABD-6E9 Infinite lives
FA4-B8E-4C1 Infinite rockets
FAD-5CE-4C1 Infinite continues
T2 The Arcade Game is a trademark of Carolco Pictures Inc.

Taz-mania(tm) Game
1 FAC-519-4C1 Infinite spins
2 FA7-3CC-4C1 Infinite hearts
3 00A-969-E68 Don't flash after getting hit
4 11A-969-E68 Don't flash as long after getting hit
5 F1A-969-E68 Flash longer after getting hit
6 003-658-E69 Invincible
7 017-6EF-E66 Start with 1 heart--1st life
8 057-6EF-E66 Start with 5 hearts--1st life
9 0A7-6EF-E66 Start with 10 hearts--1st life
10 FA6-AA8-4C1 Infinite time
11 3E8-408-80E + 058-418-4C2 Start timer at 58 seconds
12 3E8-408-80E + 0A8-418-4C2 Start timer at 1 min. 48 sec.
13 FAA-48D-4C1 Infinite credits
Taz-mania is a trademark of Warner Bros.

Tecmo Bowl(tm) Game
Counter only shows up to 4 downs.
1 494-D6B-F7A Have 49 downs
2 054-D6B-F7A Have 5 downs
3 084-EFB-E6E 8 min. 30 sec. per quarter
4 064-EFB-E6E 6 min. 30 sec. per quarter
5 014-EFB-E6E 1 min. 30 sec. per quarter
6 00D-C9A-3BE Infinite time
Tecmo Bowl is a trademark of Tecmo, Inc.

Tennis(tm) Game
1 001-DAD-3BA Neither player scores points--
switch off to score
2 010-9CD-F76 1 game needed to win set
3 020-9CD-F76 2 games needed to win set
4 030-9CD-F76 3 games needed to win set
5 040-9CD-F76 4 games needed to win set
6 011-9AD-E66 1st point takes you to 40
7 021-9AD-E66 2nd point takes you to 40
8 000-99D-3BA + E00-74D-6E5 + E00-7ED-6E5 Neither
player can win game

Terminator 2: Judgment Day(tm) Game
1 70E-59D-6E9 Start with 1/2 energy
2 C95-00E-4C1 Almost infinite energy
3 001-03B-19E Infinite time in reprogramming stage
4 148-54B-4CA 20 shots kill end of level 1 boss
5 0A8-54B-4CA 10 shots kill end of level 1 boss
6 058-54B-4CA 5 shots kill end of level 1 boss
Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a trademark of Carolco Pictures Inc.

Tetris (tm) Game (More Codes)
Already in some codebooks
1 CEC-30E-C45 Keep stack displayed while paused
2 D9C-53E-D5D Keep current and next pieces displayed while paused
*=Codes are switchable; switch on when you need the piece of your
choice. Pieces are numbered 1 to 7, so write down which number stands for
which piece
3 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 000-65D-087 *Only piece 1 will appear
4 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 040-65D-087 *Only piece 2 will appear
5 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 080-65D-087 *Only piece 3 will appear
6 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 0C0-65D-087 *Only piece 4 will appear
7 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 100-65D-087 *Only piece 5 will appear
8 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 140-65D-087 *Only piece 6 will appear
9 000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 180-65D-087 *Only piece 7 will appear
Tetris is a trademark of V/O Electronorgtechnica (Elorg).

Tetris 2(tm) Game
1 C98-E9A-081 No next piece screen
2 10D-649-F71 + 00D-629-081 + 3ED-639-B30 Blocks come
down fast
3 70D-649-F71 + 00D-629-081 + 3ED-639-B30 Blocks come
down very fast
4 20D-649-F71 + 00D-629-081 + 3ED-639-B30 Blocks come
down super fast
5 00A-4BA-A29 Can select round above 30 on
options screen
6 FA8-CB8-4C1 In versus mode, no blocks added
to top of screen
Tetris 2 is a trademark of Elorg.

Tiny Toon Adventures 2(tm) Game

1 006-14B-19E Infinite time
2 00D-5CD-19E Infinite energy
3 029-66E-F7A Start with 1 heart
4 039-66E-F7A Start with 2 hearts
5 00A-5ED-E6E Infinite lives
6 00E-1E9-E62 Start with 1 life
7 04E-1E9-E62 Start with 5 lives
8 09E-1E9-E62 Start with 10 lives
9 00E-229-5D4 Start with mega points
10 01E-319-F7E Start with 100 seconds on the clock
11 03E-319-F7E Start with 300 seconds on the clock
12 07E-319-F7E Start with 700 seconds on the clock
13 09E-319-F7E Start with 900 seconds on the clock
14 C3C-DAD-E61 Invincible
15 00D-53D-679 One hit and you die
16 3FD-53D-679 Don't flash as long after getting hit
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 is a trademark of Warner Bros.

Titus the Fox(tm) Game
1 013-D0A-F7E Start 1st life with 1 energy
2 093-D0A-F7E Start 1st life with 9 energy
3 011-CFD-F7E Start with 1 energy unit after
1st life
4 091-CFD-F7E Start with 9 energy units after
1st life
5 013-D5A-E66 Start with 1 life
6 063-D5A-E66 Start with 6 lives
7 093-D5A-E66 Start with 9 lives
8 009-6A9-3BE Infinite lives
9 00E-7D9-3BE Infinite energy until level 3
10 643-DCA-E6A Start 1st level with 100-pt.
11 FA3-DCA-E6A Start 1st level with 250-pt.
12 003-BAF-5D4 Start on level 1, part 2
13 002-739-3BE Infinite energy from level 3 on
Titus the Fox is a trademark of Titus Software Corp.

Tom & Jerry(tm) Game
*=Not on continue
1 01F-7BB-E66 *Start with 1 life
2 05F-7BB-E66 *Start with 5 lives
3 008-54D-B3D Infinite lives
4 FAC-3FE-4C1 + FAC-43E-4C1 Infinite time
5 FA6-84B-4C1 Infinite balls once collected
6 00D-47D-3BA Infinite energy (may have to die once
7 110-67B-E6E Every time you collect one cheese
you get 11 (can't go over 100)
Tom & Jerry is a trademark of Turner Entertainment Co.

Tom and Jerry Frantic Antics(tm) Game
1 019-0CC-E66 Start with 1 life
2 059-0CC-E66 Start with 5 lives
3 0A9-0CC-E66 Start with 10 lives
4 01E-39E-A25 Infinite lives
5 001-43C-E6E + 001-51C-E6E Infinite time
6 010-DEC-F7E Start with 1 minutes on the timer
7 0A0-DEC-F7E Start with 10 minutes on the timer
8 0F0-DEC-F7E Start with 15 minutes on the timer--ignore counter
9 013-338-08B Don't flash after getting hit
10 FA3-338-08B Flash longer after getting hit
11 00C-E4B-3BE Infinite lives
Tom and Jerry is a trademark of Turner Entertainment Co. and Telefilm-Essen GmbH

Top Gun Guts & Glory(tm) Game
1 FA4-249-4C1 Infinite missiles
2 008-599-F79 Infinite lives
3 01B-E4D-E66 Start with 1 life
4 05B-E4D-E66 Start with 5 lives
5 0AB-E4D-E66 Start with 10 lives
6 004-859-4C1 + 3E4-869-80C + 0A4-879-F7D Start on mission
10--ignore counter
Top Gun Guts & Glory is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.

Total Carnage(tm) Game
1 FA2-28D-4C1 InfIinite grenades
2 001-ADD-19E Infinite lives
3 021-B1D-F72 Start with very little energy after 1st life
4 991-B1D-F72 Start with mega energy after 1st life
5 003-55E-19E Don't take damage from some enemies after getting hit
6 020-54B-F72 Start with very little energy-1st life
7 990-54B-F72 Start with mega energy-1st life
8 000-4FB-E66 Start with 1 life
9 080-4FB-E66 Start with 9 lives
10 0F0-4FB-E66 Start with 15 lives
11 030-5FB-E6A Start with 33 grenades
Total Carnage is a trademark of Midway Manufacturing Company

Track & Field(tm) Game
1 3E7-7FD-4CA + 007-80D-E6E Always have 100% power
2 45D-999-E68 Max angle on long jump
3 45A-1EA-E68 Max angle on javelin
4 454-D1A-E68 Max angle on triple jump
Track & Field is a trademark of Konami Inc.

Tumble Pop(tm) Game
1 FA5-BCD-4C1 Infinite lives
2 008-1CE-E66 Start with 1 life
3 058-1CE-E66 Start with 6 lives
4 088-1CE-E66 Start with 9 lives
5 028-8AE-E66 Only have 2 min. to complete each screen
6 058-8AE-E66 Only have 5 min. to complete each screen
7 0A8-8AE-E66 Only have 10 min. to complete each screen
8 058-17E-E6A Start across river from original position
9 FF8-17E-E6A Start at island castle
10 00E-68D-3BE Hold enemies inside gun as long as you want
Tumble Pop is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc.

Turn And Burn(tm) Game
1 7C2-99E-08F Start with more Aim-54 missiles
2 7C2-8BE-08F Start with more Aim-9 missiles
3 00E-1CD-3BE Infinite missles
4 001-51C-F7A Gun doesn't overheat
Turn and Burn is a trademark of Absolute Entertainment Inc.

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